A New Perspective: Revision as a Collaborative Experience

October 19,2020 19:00:00 - October 19,2020 00:00:00

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Once we’ve written our story, it can seem like our ideas and messages should be clear to our readers. However, not all readers get from the page what we intend, and it can take iterations of revision to get to the heart of a novel. Writing and editing can feel like a solitary journey, but it takes a village to bring a book to its fullest potential. But how do we find our village? And how do we parse through the village’s range of thoughts on our work? In this workshop, we’ll discuss methods for shedding new light on your work (from dissecting favorite books to giving and receiving feedback), the importance of sensitivity readers, as well as questions to consider when deciding what to do with feedback you receive. We’ll also conduct exercises to help identify (or rediscover) the heart and focus of your novel.