What Should You Be Doing on Your Commute Right Now?

What Should You Be Doing on Your Commute Right Now?

Top tips to reclaim your train time.

Look up. Seriously. Stop tapping. Commute time doesn’t have to be a bust. Sure, you can be squeezed up against an undesirable, it’s hot, it’s cold, it’s cramped, it’s late and everyone’s drunk – BUT. This is your time. You’re not some crazy who commutes with someone. This is 30/60/300 minutes of alone time, in your head at least. Think of it this way: your commute time is sacred. It’s a gift to yourself (and if you don’t know it yet you will totally understand once you have a child). And just in case you still aren’t convinced, here are some other uses for your time that might make your commute a little more fulfilling:
Listen and learn, friends. Whether it’s Ted Talks on breaking the cycle of toxic masculinity, or Oprah helping you find your life’s purpose, it’s like you just scored a ticket to all the hottest talks in town, for free, and at the touch of a button. And it’s not all just for kicks and giggles: some of the clever stuff will seriously help your career, like Supercharged, and also the Events & The City Podcast series that will be available in 2019, featuring a host of kick-ass industry experts talking about the future of events. Plus there is also all the super addictive true crime stuff, which is sometimes problematic (see also most prime time TV shows) by focusing on the missing bodies of kids or women as entertainment, but at least some of these are helping to uncover the truth (see The Teachers Pet), and not just making up stories of dead women just for entertainment.

Crack a Book
Look at those weird people, holding all that paper, engrossed. That could be you. Whether it’s the latest Sally Mooney, or amazing career books like How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb, reading more than 280 characters can be hugely rewarding. Break the cycle. Get some paragraphs in you.

Get Organised
Use this time to get your work day on track. Getting organised is all about time and freedom, so take your train thirty to make sure the rest of the day works like a charm. Set achievable, realistic goals and do your best to meet them. Work out what you need to do yourself, and what you can get help with, either from your manager, your colleagues, your agencies, or using support tools like EventBuddy. Then smash that list like the Goddess Serena at Wimbledon.

Be Mindful
“The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, it’s to stop letting them control you.” Anonymous said that. She’s so wise. Reacting the right way to work vipers or angry bosses or child-like clients can do you serious career and mind damage. Responding calmly, like your best self, will help you get your point across and be heard, no matter the message. You can get an app to help you train your chimp brain, or you can just start by breathing, and thinking about that breathing for a bit, and focusing on it, and pushing your feet in to the floor and thinking: I AM. This is actually me. Everything else is just noise and words and pictures. Seriously, you’ll love it.



by Louise Kean-Wood