What Makes a True Best Friend?

What Makes a True Best Friend?
I like to believe that Marilyn knew there was more to being a best friend than cut, clarity & sparkle. A best friend is one of the most crucial relationships you’ll ever have. They hold us together when the world falls apart, and hold us up when we feel like falling down. If we had to make a list (because who doesn’t love a list, even when the world is crumbling?) best friends;
1. Are trustworthy & dependable
2. Help you get through the day/week/year
3. Are always there when you need them
4. Don’t expect payment…!
And while we aren’t suggesting we replace your real life best friend, perhaps it is time for you to meet EventBuddy, your new work best friend. EventBuddy was created to make life better for anyone who organises events, from intimate dinners to sales conferences, to the all important Christmas Party.
Here is another list, and some good reasons why it might be about to change your life:
1. EventBuddy makes your life easier: you see & manage all your events from one simple, beautiful online dashboard.
2. It lets you control everything -the budget, the guests, the menus, the suppliers, the merchandise- all in one place;
3. EventBuddy has a team of event experts who are ALWAYS on hand to provide any extra help you might need, from sourcing venues to speakers to chairs to doves to lava to…  (insert weird thing you need here).
4. And our core features will aways be free!
Take a look today at EventBuddy.co, and let it make your life better. Even better, sign up and show us a photo (Instagram @eventsatcity) of you and your ‘life’ best friend and we’ll send you both something lovely!
EventBuddy: Change The Way You Work