What is the RIGHT kind of exercise for you?

What is the RIGHT kind of exercise for you?

What you need to know about yourself to get fit this year.

It’s all very well talking about getting fit. We can ALL talk. We can all sit around googling pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow and make new year resolutions (she’s 46. How is she 46?)
But those magical people that keep doing the ‘exercise’ in to February and beyond have hit on a formula: they have found an exercise they actually enjoy, because it suits their personality. So, if the idea of going to the gym is more boring than every single episode of CSI ever made (it IS boring!) take a look below and maybe you’ll find the thing to keep you shifting those pounds and getting your heartrate up to Idris Elba levels in to the second half of 2019:
The Team Player

Do you high-five your team at the end of a well-executed event and take them all out for drinks afterwards? Do you send little thank-you notes to your suppliers, and have a collaborative approach to everything, from designing menus to picking venues? Then you are a TEAM PLAYER. Don’t even think about starting an exercise regime at the gym, you’ll be bored witless in half an hour, even if they are playing back to back Ariana. You need to feel the thrill of winning for other people as well as yourself. You need to play a vital part in a bigger organisation. You need to be a NETBALLER.
Netball is the biggest female participation sport in the UK, and your chance to make like those awesome warrior women at the beginning of Wonder Woman and kick some serious ASS on court. Back to Netball is the UK wide program to get women who played netball at school to give it another go. E&TC even puts its money where its mouth is and sponsors a London team! (check out our Instagram for proof!). The national England squad, the Roses, just won team of the year at the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year.

So, get down to your local courts, make some new friends, and realise some true squad goals.
See also: basketball, football, rugby, korfball
The Lone Wolf
Do you just like to be left alone with your budgets and your seating plan, earbuds pushed so far in it’s almost surgical, and with a do-not-disturb expression hanging off your face? Then you need to go RUNNING.
The endorphins that surge through your body when running becomes a joy (and it does eventually) feel like actual drugs. When you decide to sprint the last 500m of your 10k run, and you actually can, it’s epic. BUT Running is all about starting slow, putting in the miles, and stretching your legs afterwards. If you are new to it then find a good CouchTo5k programme or similar and start easily. And if you really haven’t done any exercise for a while see your doctor first. BUT if you do put in the effort you will reap the reward. As UK Insta-Wonder The Small Runner Girl says ‘The hardest step is the first one. I’m 45, and a mum of 3 boys. I used to run when I was at school but I forgot all about it when I went out to work. I started again after having my second son, and now it makes me feel like I’m flying, like I’m strong, and free. Plus, it gives me space and time with my thoughts and calms my busy brain. I’ve run three marathons and over fifty park-runs with my eldest son. I don’t ever want to stop.’
See also: golf, individual tennis, being a member of the CSI fan-club (jokes!)
The Adrenalin Junkie

Is no mission impossible for you? Does organising a 100-person event in two weeks kind of give you the Idris-Elba-fun-butterflies-in-your-stomach feels? Does the idea of falling off a mountain actually make skiing a bit more exciting for you? Then you are a ROCK CLIMBER.
I’ve never understood it, but apparently rock-climbing is seriously ADDICTIVE and seriously good for you (as long as you don’t fall off!) As Management Consultant and avid Climber Sarah Foxton says, ‘Nothing beats a long outdoor multi-pitch climbing route. In entirety a journey, individually each pitch its own puzzle requiring complete focus to solve. Perhaps the first pitch needing trust as you toe balance on a slabby wall, the next involving a traverse, then a jagged overhang to negotiate. All the time surrounded by exposure, stunning scenery and maybe even an ibex watching inquisitively, wondering why you’re making it look so difficult. It is literally living the moment.’
If that doesn’t make you want to do it, nothing will! Head to your nearest indoor climbing wall and strap on those ropes!
See also: snowboarding, parkour (!)
The Networking Queen
Are you totally at home in a crowd, living your best life standing in the middle of a conference where no-one knows you, and every new conversation and contact is an adventure? Then you need some Barre in your life!
Regular classes are the key to aerobic networking, and Barre is the current best for the crowd who want to push themselves further and try something new. If you aren’t scared of standing out or making new friends, get down to the newest class you can find at your gym or pilates studio (maybe it’s not barre, maybe it’s Krav Maga! Whatever it is, throw yourself in to a class and make some new friends while you sculpt).
See also: Zumba, body pump
The Party Girl
Find something with the word Psycle in it. Job done.
See also: Street-dance if you have rhythm.


by Louise Kean-Wood