We Are The Dreamers of Dreams (in a box)

We Are The Dreamers of Dreams (in a box)

It started in New York. A new kind of club, a ’theatre of varieties’. It opened at 11pm and closed at 4am and everything that happened in-between became a blurred, twisted, decadent dream of a nightmare of a night, that you’d never quite remember, and never quite forget. Then it came to London, of course, along a narrow alley just a stones through from the cupcake factories and coffee shops of a newly sanitised Soho. The club is called The Box. It is not for the easily shocked.

The idea that you can fit a mind-altering night in to one simple reservation is, perhaps, nothing new. But it is brilliant. Getting everything you want, and even some things you didn’t even realise you did, in one perfect box, is every event planners dream. Planning a party? Just send me everything I need for one agreed price, at the same time, and with the same branding. Organising a conference? One big box with everything my delegates want would be great, from notebooks to USB sticks, pens to name-badges. Well, here at Events & The City we are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams (as Willy Wonka said). Those boxes exist. Welcome to ‘Event In A Box’.

There are two boxes to choose from, one built for conferences that includes twenty notebooks, USB sticks, wallets, pens, and name badges, and one for dinners, including twenty menus, napkins, invites, place-cards, and even a Spotify playlist.

These boxes might not make your eyes water in the early hours of the morning but as everything can be branded before you buy, they are shockingly useful, affordable, and deadline efficient. Just go to eventbuddy.co now, and get your mind blown.


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