Three be the things I shall never attain: envy, content, and sufficient champagne.’ (Dorothy Parker)

Three be the things I shall never attain: envy, content, and sufficient champagne.’ (Dorothy Parker)

Dorothy Parker should have been an event planner: she wasn’t happy with anything less than perfect, there was no time or inclination to be envious, and never enough champagne!

When we created EventBuddy we had Event Planners in mind. We tried to think (very seriously) about the challenges you face, and how to be that special tool that would help you grab back admin-heavy hours in your day to spend on the big creative ideas instead.

We decided that the best way we could do this would be to split our service in to four pillars of support, like the powerful legs of a thoroughbred horse, or a really sturdy table (if you prefer something that doesn’t make you jump hedges…) Those pillars are Help, Inform, Create, & Care, and here’s why;


EB doesn’t just help you cut down your administrating, and bin those old out-of-date spreadsheets. The EB team are experts, sourcing venues and suppliers in the cities you don’t know but need to NOW! We know you are busy and the best support we can give is to help with the little things, so that you can make the big things happen.


From Robots to Wibbitz, EB has two beautiful monster-robot-eyes firmly fixed on the future. We’ll share the latest tech innovations with you and tell you everything we know and learn and find out along the way, and even help populate your new events for you based on your recent activity.


EventBuddy will help you create perfect events, not just by giving you back vital hours in your day but by showing you great new ideas. For instance, our online shop will be the place to find exciting new merchandise, and if we don’t have it and you want it: well then, we’ll find it!


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EventBuddy really was created with you in mind. Take a look at or email us and say Hi! We like the curious ones…






by Louise Kean-Wood