The Rodeo Drive of Corporate Gifting

The Rodeo Drive of Corporate Gifting

Shopping in the wrong places for your gifts and goodie bags? Big mistake. Big. HUGE.

Pretty Woman will be 30 next year. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere starred as the likely pair in the unlikely tale that either demeans all women or is a feminist classic (we’ll leave you to decide).

But there is one thing that many women will agree on: the Rodeo Drive revenge-shaming of the original Mean Girl shop assistants is the stuff of dreams. Because shopping can be intimidating. EVEN when you do it online, and especially when you are using the company credit card. What if you get it wrong? What if you order surprisingly expensive hand-made Christmas Tree Topper Angels on amazon to gift to clients with children, only to find when they arrive that they are only 3 cms tall and meant to top Christmas trees in dolls houses? Who would even do that? (Asking for a friend).

Problems can often arise when you get a thirst for originality and step away from the catalogue to come up with something new. Original, quick, on budget corporate gift-giving that doesn’t look like everyone else can be a time-consuming affair. So here are our Events & The City top tips for winning at gifting for your next event.

1. The Bold & The Beautiful
Want to be memorable and impressive? Then step away from the vanilla, and back yourself with something stylish that stands out from the crowd. Yes, it might not be to everybody’s tastes BUT greatness lies in the one client who will not only LOVE it, but remember it was you who gave it, (as opposed to all the also-ran stuff that just gets shoved back in the bags and left on the bus). We LOVE this brand new W10 bottle range (stocked in the E&TC shop and available as-is or to be branded, and with bulk discounts) not just because they are striking and beautiful, but because if you aren’t re-using your bottles these days you may as well be kicking kittens for the looks you’ll get around the office.

2. Sustain, Sustain, Sustain
What we just said above. Give people something that matches their values. Make it eco-friendly, and with purpose. Be remembered for your intention as well as your spend. And remember the packaging: if it’s dressed in more plastic than an LOL Surprise doll it might not win you any eco-warrior awards with your clients. Think of the planet, man.

3. Keep it Neat and Discreet
Size isn’t everything… except it is. Consider luggage space, the ease of taking something home, the simplicity of lugging it to ten meetings and not hating the sight of it by the end of the day. Small can be perfect… sometimes.

4. Be Useful
Can they use it straightaway to add value to their day? Can they take photos with it, make notes with it, stop themselves sunburning, help them understand their experience a little better, de-stress them, de-thirst them, cure their hunger, or feed their need for silence or sociability? You know your events. What do people want and need? I’m not over here churning my own butter, but sometimes it still really is a nice notebook, and a pen.

5. HELP!
Picture the scene: three days of back-to-back meetings, you’ve barely come up for air, you’re exhausted, mentally drained, and you’re finally at the airport with ten minutes until the gate closes. But you haven’t bought your kids a present. Or your husband. Or your girlfriend. You know what might wins friends and not alienate people? Gift them something they can genuinely gift to the ones they love at home. It will make it all the way back on the flight, and I swear they’ll tell you the next time they see you, and shake your hand for digging them out of a hole.

We love this brand new W10 bottle range pre-order now from the E&TC website, available from May as-is or to be branded with your logo, and at bulk discounts.

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