The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Finding Speakers To Transform Your Event

Picture the scene: a room full of people, staring at the same space in front of them, silent, expectant… waiting.  They are busy people, at the top of their field, valuable connections for your company. They have big conversations and make important decisions. Their time is valuable. They get hundreds of invites like this, and you’ve got them here. What happens next could make or break this relationship you are building. So the big question is: who steps up to the mic?

Finding the perfect speaker(s) for your events is crucial. Experience plus original opinion plus charisma plus respect plus representation plus plus plus… You can’t rush it. It takes hours and inspiration and just a little bit of luck.

EventBuddy understands the importance of every aspect of your event. That’s why we are the best of two worlds for our partner buddies. World one enables you: organising all your events at a glance from one dashboard, with total personal control to delegate, collaborate and accomplish, without anyone else if you wish. World two supports you: not enough hours in the day to find the perfect shortlist of available speakers for your exclusive audience in Madrid? EventBuddy can help. Our account team can put a little or a lot of hours in to helping you with all those tasks you haven’t got the necessary hours for. So whether you are flying solo or you need a helping hand this time, sign up at and get what you need.

by Louise Kean-Wood