The Eventbuddy Global Event Directory: The event world at your feet

The Eventbuddy Global Event Directory: The event world at your feet
Ask anyone and they’ll tell you: the world is shrinking. It’s even got a name: Shrinking World Theory. I mean, not literally, that would be ridiculous. But globalisation and improved methods of communication and transport (so basically the web, and Norwegian Air Premium Economy) mean we are more connected than at any time in history. We are closer in every sense but the physical: technology came along and bopped us all on the nose and now we can talk to anyone, anywhere, anyhow. 
The good news for you is that this makes the eventing world your oyster. Whatever your business, whatever you want to show or tell or sell or buy or exhibit, it can travel. But knowing that is one thing, of course. What would be really handy is somewhere easy and simple that you could use to find all of that information. All the shows, all the cities, all the opportunities. Then what would be AWESOME would be booking a place at those events, immediately and easily, through that same site. It’s okay, we agree. That’s why the global event directory on Events & The City exists. Here are just a sprinkling of the events you could be finding and booking right now via Eventbuddy:
1. What: E-Tail London 2020
When:23-24 June
Where: London, UK 
2. What: IMTS 2020 
When:14-19 Sept
When:Chicago, USA 
3. WhatL: Canton Fair 2020
When:15-19 April (phase 1)
Where: Guangzhou, China 
4. What: Renewable Energy India Expo 2020, 
When:23-25 Sept
Where:India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, India 
5. What: FIT America Latina 2020, 
When: 3-16 Oct
Where:Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Don’t be the last one to know everything. Got to today and make your eventing life so much easier.