Safe Stylish Backpacks & Flasks That Won’t Burn You

£ 62.40
Safe Stylish Backpacks & Flasks That Won’t Burn You

(These are a few of our favourite (giveaway & goodie bag) things!)

Consider the wheel. It’s simple, it’s economical, and it’s fit for purpose. Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent that wheel, especially when it comes to gifting. BUT, you can make sure what you are giving is Ferrari standard. Here are our top three favourite, sure-to-please merchandise winners that are available now on Events & The City:

1. The Stylish But Safe Backpack
What good is a backpack if you have to carry it on your front like a spoiled child? Buy this one instead. It looks great, it’s beautifully safe, and it won’t break the bank either.

2. The Essential Flask
Everybody is packing these days. A flask that is. Here is one of the best in stainless steel.

3. The Thing They Didn’t Even Realise They Needed Until You Gave It To Them:
Which is this.