Queen of the Party: EventBuddy talks to Barbara Hulanicki OBE

Queen of the Party: EventBuddy talks to Barbara Hulanicki OBE

Not many people understand the power of a great party like legendary designer and founder of the iconic BIBA store Barbara Hulanicki, OBE.

EventBuddy grabbed five fabulous minutes with the fashion icon to find out the secret to her success, who would be at her ultimate intimate dinner party, and her dream party venue, via the EventBuddy VIP Questionnaire…

What was your favourite ever venue for a BIBA party? The Cosmetic Launch in the shop before BIG BIBA 

What phrase do you most overuse? Fabulous

What virtue do you most appreciate in your colleagues? Genuine interest in their work 

What would your colleagues say is your biggest fault? No creative rest 

What is your favourite part of the job? New projects

What is your idea of happiness? All parties in the Rainbow Room in BIG BIBA 

What event was party heaven? A New Years party. We had a big fake cake with a beautiful girl inside who was meant to jump out at midnight, but instead the cake collapsed and she fell out before midnight! 

Who do you most admire in your industry? Audrey Hepburn 

Where would you hold your dream fashion party? The BIBA rooftop garden

What is your favourite app? Instagram 

What is your secret to success? Just hard slog 

Who would be at your dream intimate dinner? Lady Diana 

What was the best year of your life? The year my son Witold was born 

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by Louise Kean-Wood