‘Number 5 stupid name! Want to be Kevin… or Dave!’ (Short Circuit)

‘Number 5 stupid name! Want to be Kevin… or Dave!’ (Short Circuit)

When brands want the latest tech how do you keep it real? From AR to VR to AI and back again, creating the perfect marriage of the truly modern with an enjoyable event can be a tough gig. Do delegates really want to be connected to wires and hung from a virtual reality plane on a Mission Impossible? Probably some of them do. Others want to come, watch, network and leave, with their feet firmly on the ground.

EB believes in the beauty of the future and the power of the past, and the thing that’s got us here is us: human interaction, authentic relationships, the power of a genuine ‘hello’ at the door, a face you recognise across the stand, the realised common experience of two strangers in a new room, working in the same industry, but who spend their usual working day on opposite sides of the world.

We don’t fear technology, but we do believe in keeping it authentic. Don’t tag it on to your brand without the right story. A soap powder stand and an archery game? That makes no sense, even if you are shooting at rogue Tide Pods. But Virtual Reality has been used in beautiful and unprecedented ways: The Autistic Society created this 360 video for its Too Much Information campaign to raise understanding of autism. The video allows the user to experience the sensory challenges faced by an autistic child.

Amy Kean, Global Head of Innovation at Starcom Mediavest believes the best use of tech is the kind that holds up a mirror. She explains, ‘It’s when we see ourselves in something we’ve created that our minds are truly blown, be that our own baby, or a robot, or Frankenstein! You could fill a room with drones and have Jean Michel Jarre on lighting, but the most effective use of tech can be the robot that knows your face and your name. Keep it simple. Beautifully, shockingly simple.’

EventBuddy is a slice of the future that retains the simple best of what makes us human. Created with the event industry in mind, the to-do function, the delegation function, the budgeting and sourcing and shopping, even the VIP profiling, are all simple, straightforward, incredibly helpful and intuitive, but worthwhile steps forward for event planning that afford you and your team more time to do the things that only you can: have the big ideas, and the important conversations, and hold and host the perfect event.

Take one small step forward for event-kind at eventbuddy.co . We promise only this: it’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it may just change the way you work… After all, we are eventing the future… sign up now.





by Louise Kean-Wood