‘Mediocrity is not an option for me. I don’t want that, and neither should you.’ Olivia Pope, SCANDAL (ABC)

‘Mediocrity is not an option for me. I don’t want that, and neither should you.’ Olivia Pope, SCANDAL (ABC)

Our favourite Gladiator clearly should have been an event planner! The best events are memorable, personal, and authentic. They appear effortless but of course that doesn’t mean they were… The teamwork, direction, dedication, and sheer determined plate-spinning-ball-juggling-gravity-defying skill that goes in to a perfect event can only truly be understood by the people who do it. Everything is planned with purpose, and one rule remains: behind every great event is a great Event Planner, and her very busy team.

EventBuddy was created with Event Planners in mind. It was designed specifically for the event industry. Here are some reasons why it might just change the way you work:

  1. EB is a Project Management tool 

Create an event, set the date and time, invite your team members and suppliers to collaborate, and you instantly create an online home for your event, from now until they turn the lights off at the venue!

  1. EB keeps you on top of your budget! 

Every time you make a booking, buy a piece of merchandise, or retain a supplier, the budget will be added to your running total, allowing you to see at a glance how much you have left for those all-important-last-minute ice pigeon sculptures or cage fighters or… (insert new hot thing here…)

  1. EB will help you search and shop

The EventBuddy shop will allow you to upload your logo and source high-quality merchandise, from registration badges to 3D world maps, from T-shirts to sunglasses to tote bags, as well as suggesting brand new ideas you didn’t even know existed/you could google yet. It’s where inspiration meets function to create the best possible solutions.

  1. Organisation through collaboration 

Keep track of what everybody is doing and when, from your team to your suppliers, at a glance, without unnecessary emails or calls or messages. We call it TTT: Total Team Transparency

  1. Looking back to move forwards 

It ‘aint over until till it’s reported. Get all the information and learning that you need to make the next event an even bigger success.

Learn more at eventbuddy.co, or just say hello@eventbuddy.co




by Louise Kean-Wood