Make (Work) Life Easier

Make (Work) Life Easier

EventBuddy was created to make your life easier. If you organise work conferences, functions, dinners or parties (Christmas or otherwise) EventBuddy will help.

Below is a list (because we ALL love a list) that explains just how easy it is:

1. Log on to and sign up. It’s free to use and always will be. How do we make it free? Because you only pay if you use additional services like sourcing venues or merchandise. But don’t worry: they aren’t obligatory.

2. Create your first event: give it a name and add the contact details of your team. They can all use it for free.

3. Input the details: the date, the venue (if you know it), the budget etc, and start sharing your to-do list with your team. Work out who is doing what and when.

4. Upload files store them in one place. Got a contract with the venue or a WIP seating plan? Store it here.

5. Connect to other platforms. For example, EventBuddy talks to LinkedIn so collect the data and details of your VIP attendees and share with your team.

6. Set up another event and do the same: from hen-do’s to Investor meetings to global sales conferences, each event will be private and have it’s own team-members.

7. Additional Services. The EventBuddy team is always there if needed, through live-chat or phone/email. Their work is agreed and paid for in hourly chunks, so if you run out of hours in your day (sound familiar?) they can source you venues, or speakers, or merchandise, or design menus, or build stands…  and they’ll always agree the fee with you first.

It’s that simple and it WILL make your life better. Sign up now at and see for yourself.

EVENTBUDDY: Change the way you work

by Louise Kean-Wood