How to Keep Your Work/Booze Balance at Christmas

How to Keep Your Work/Booze Balance at Christmas

Let’s be honest: we are all mostly exhausted. I remember one late, dark November Monday a few years ago where I had to take myself off to an abandoned meeting room, slide down the wall movie-style and cry for twenty minutes, just for the me-time release from a relentless entertainment release schedule. Because it gets to this time of year and what we all need is to shut ourselves down for a week or two and reboot. We are like slightly smeared and dirty laptops: overused, covered in crumbs, and desperately in need of a wipe down and a little love. So when the Christmas party comes around, or your big client entertaining night, the temptation to just plough in to the free bubbles is not just likely, it’s practically certain. But if you DO choose to drink and work, here are a few top tips to remember to get you through the party season intact, and with a job to go back to in January.

1. You can be the life without baring your soul
It’s great that you feel comfortable with your boss, and your MD, but if, after a few too many glasses of wine you find yourself discussing the sexual deviances of your latest ex, it’s time to move on. Try and stick with your peers if you think you might get hammered, and preferably ones that can tell you when you’re oversharing. Colleagues can be friends of course, and that stuff is best saved for the ones that are both.

2. Do Not Touch. That goes for everybody, not just creepy old gammon. Unwanted advances are everybody’s responsibility and just because you think you are ready for Next Top Model 2020, that doesn’t mean the same rules don’t apply to you. Don’t get all touchy feely unless you expect an email from HR in the morning. The office is a safe space, and every company has a duty of care to it’s employees to protect them from unwanted advances, and that includes yours!

3. Be safe. Drinking can be brilliant! It relaxes you, it tastes nice, it can be a great ice-breaker. But if you drink so much you can’t work out which way is home and who you are with, or how to walk, or how to talk, it’s gone too far. You are your own responsibility. Getting yourself home safely is your responsibility. Don’t ruin somebody else’s night by being the baggage they have to carry home. So treat yourself with the respect you’d treat a big old envelope of of £1000 notes, or a particularly cute puppy - get yourself home safely and in one piece.

Do all of the above, and your work Christmas should be merry and bright, and you won’t have to dread showing your face again in the New Year. Happy Holidays!