Be 2020’s Destination Trade-Show Stand

Be 2020’s Destination Trade-Show Stand

If you are hosting a stand at a Q1 2020 trade show, you are no doubt already elbow-deep in cardboard and stand-builds and merchandise lists, and AV. Hopefully you’ve got wise and are using Eventbuddy to help you project manage the whole thing for the sake of your sanity, and the organization of your team!

But the question that may be scurrying around your brain like an angry hamster, without an answer as yet, planted there by a well-meaning COO or CFO or even a particularly stringent CMO, is: how are you going to ensure the investment in this stand demonstrates a good ROI this year? How are you going to stand out from an ever increasing competition and the sheer volume of noise, and show trade-show success?

Here are our three top tips to make sure you are the destination stand for customers at your next show, and not the guys nobody wants to make eye-contact with as they drift past!

1. Smile But Don’t Bite
There are so many ways a beautiful stand can be let down by the wrong people on the day. First, unless it’s an erotica expo, make sure everybody is fully dressed, because the 1990s called and they want their ‘promo girl’ approach back. The only thing that’s attracting these days are gammon, law-suits and hashtags. Secondly, don’t use it as an excuse to chat to your mates. Be approachable, look up, don’t be staring at your own screens. But don’t jump on every passer-by either. Be ready with a smile and a non-invasive question: What are you looking for today, maybe I can help? A stand manned with the wrong people is going to fail.

2. Make some noise before the noise
You’ve put the hard work in to making your stand, getting your people there, stocking up your goodies bags etc. But why haven’t you thought about spreading your message before today. There are delegate lists, potential attendees, local clients, businesses you know will be there. Shape your message early, and run a direct mail and e- mail campaign 2-4 weeks in advance of your show, letting people know exactly why your stand is the one to visit, and where you’ll be. Better yet, give them a code or a line to share that will show that activity drove footfall to you, and that marketing ROI is starting to look far easier to prove. TurboMarketing, the campaign marketing tool in EventBuddy, is a perfect way to attract customers before they even walk through the door. Just click on the link in EventBuddy to find out more.

3. Have food. Seriously. And not greasy food, or messy food. Preferably wrapped up food they can take home to their kids if they need to, but eat themselves as well. Very few people start boozing in the morning, even at a trade show- save the bubbles for cocktail hour and make sure you are well equipped with goodies that appeal all day long.

Follow these simple tips and your next stand will stand out for all the right reasons!