All The Gear AND Full Of Ideas

All The Gear AND Full Of Ideas

Here are just some of the essential event services you can get directly from Events & The City, as well as all the usual blogging eventing goodness.

I know. I KNOW ALRIGHT? Events & The City keeps banging on about being THE site for event professionals blah blah blah. But riddle me this: why, exactly? Well I’ll tell you for why. Here are just some of the essential event services you can get directly from Events & The City, as well as all the usual blogging eventing goodness.

1. EventBuddy
There is something for everyone these days: Tinder, Uber, Centr (that last one wins because it’s got Thor’s arms). But get ready to feel super special because EventBuddy is the platform created specifically for Event Planners. EventBuddy has everything you need to plan your event, and then use that information - from VIPS to budgeting to merchandise orders.- to intuitively plan your next one. EventBuddy is exclusive to Events & The City. So what do we say to Word and Excel spreadsheets from now on? YA BASIC!

2. Quality Merchandise
From New Starter Kits to high-end backpacks, from lanyards to phone cases and sweatshirts and inflatable gorillas - if your event needs it, we’ve supplied it, in bulk, or branded, or as one-offs. And if you’re stuck for ideas we’ll come up with those too. Check out our blogs and newsletters for all the latest offers, ideas and discounts.

3. Online Creative & Production Agency
Wouldn’t it be nice if the experts constructing your stand were also the creatives who had designed your brand and knew exactly how it should look, from Pantone to font to the depth of your drop-shadow? Or if the people printing your menus had also designed those menus, and knew the importance of hitting the printing deadlines? Or if the people designing your sales decks knew exactly what was going on across your event, because they were across your whole event? And if you didn’t have to do all this juggling and comms for them because they already knew everything that was going on? From corporate comms to cardboard, we have account managers to oversee the whole process, and experts to design, contract and deconstruct on site, anywhere. Cut your inbox in HALF and let us help you.

4. Venue Finder
Just been told you’ve got to find a beautiful but exclusive venue for fifty people for dinner no more than 30 minutes from the centre of Gstaad? There’s Google, sure, but that’s a wide wide net my friend. Reach for your phone and get your friendly Events & The City Account Manager at the touch of a button, ready to serve you up a list of venues recommended by our global experts. And they’ll sort out the contracts. And they’ll do you a walk-around, find you a local florist, and fly in your speakers. Just give us a call.

From canapés to cameras, pull-ups to photographers, blogs to boardroom bookings, Events & The City can help. So keep banging on, trusty events website. As you were.